The Child Advocacy Center provides a warm, caring and safe environment. Here, children and their families receive comprehensive services tailored to their specific needs.

Multidisciplinary Team Coordination

The investigation of child abuse is a team effort. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, medical personnel, Department of Children and Families caseworkers, therapists and Child Advocacy Center staff make up the multidisciplinary team that investigates each case. While staff interview the child, the entire team works behind the scenes, observing the interview and collaborating to determine a course of action to take on behalf of each child.  The Center serves as the central meeting place where team members gather to begin the investigative process.

The Child Advocacy Center’s Multidisciplinary Team consists of representatives from:

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office
Department of Children and Families
Gainesville Police Department
Guardian Ad Litem Program
Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc
Partnership for Strong Families
State Attorney’s Office
UF/Child Protection Team