Donate TODAY to help other precious children in Alachua County in 2019.

Since 1998, the Child Advocacy Center has made tremendous strides toward realizing its vision of creating a compassionate community where families thrive, children are safe, and victims receive the resources they need to heal by uniting a once-fragmented system of social services, legal, and health agencies. In doing so, the CAC has stood by the side of thousands of victims of abuse and neglect to ensure they are not re-victimized by the very system that is meant to protect them. Accordingly, we invite you to support our vision, our mission, our people and most importantly, the children we serve. Thank you!

What Your Money Can Buy

  • $25 provides food, shelter, toys and medical care for Hank the AdvoCat.
  • $50 provides forensic interview supplies for the month.
  • $100 provides snacks and juice boxes to 100 child victims.
  • $500 provides a child victim with one month of therapy.
  • $1,500 provides public transportation for 30 child victims and their caregivers who otherwise would not be able to attend therapy sessions at the CAC.